Builders of the bridge from Russia to Crimea received 8 billion rubles less than they due

Kerch bridge

The Russian authorities have delayed payments to contractors building the Kerch Bridge and today’s debts have reached 8 billion rubles (125 million dollars).

The “Strojgazmontazh” company, which constructs the Kerch Bridge, published a new acceptance of executed work held from May 25 to June 25. The amount of the works reaches 2.3 billion rubles.

The same acts of acceptance were published in May and April with the amount of 2 billion and 3.7 billion rubles. However, the last payment dates back to the end of November last year. The current work of the company has not yet been paid.

Addressing the debt the Russian Federation Ministry of transport insists that the funds are available. But payments will start only after the procedure of transferring the contract under the Treasury support is completed.

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