Another one Ukrainian activist detained in Crimea incriminates himself under tortures


Detained in Crimea Ukrainian Mykola Shiptur was forced to incriminate himself due to the tortures after his detention.

It is reported by the Crimean Human Rights Group, citing lawyer Edem Semedlyaev.

38-year-old Shiptur from Ivano-Frankivsk is now in Corrective Labour Colony No.1 in Simferopol. The man is accused of attempted murder and illegal possession of weapons.

“The representatives of the so-called “Crimean local defense” beaten the Ukrainian and tortured him with an electric shock device. There are still scars from the device on the body of the Ukrainian. Then Shiptur was taken from the “local defense” by the official police and forced there to incriminate himself. Mykola was preconditioned: either you will sign a confession, or we will take you back to the “local defense”, and we do not know what they will do with you. Frightened Mykola was forced to incriminate himself. The Court delivered its verdict based on those confessions,” told Semedlyaev.

Shiptur along with several participants from Maidan went to Sevastopol to support the action to the 200-th anniversary of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in March 2014. The activist was detained in Sevastopol by the so-called “Crimean local defense” — a pro-Russian paramilitary formation. The Court of Sevastopol sentenced Shiptur to 10 years of imprisonment for illegal weapon transportation and attempted murder in April 2015.

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