Another Italian region supports Russia, but says nothing about Crimea


The Regional Council of another Italian region of Tuscany adopted a resolution to lift the sanctions against Russia, but did not mention the issue of Crimea.

The text of the document, as the similar resolutions in Veneto, Liguria and Lombardy, was prepared by representatives of the “League of Nord” party.

According to the head of the Group of advisers from the “League of Nord” party Manuel Portilho Vescovi, the main purpose of the resolution is to push the Italian Government to ensure the repeal of the anti-Russian sanctions, due to which Italian companies suffer losses. “For me, it is unbelievable that Italian companies cannot work with Russian businessmen. This resolution is a step towards renovation of cooperation between our companies and Russia,” he said.

However, the text of the resolution, unlike the other three documents, does not contain the status of Crimea at all.

The document was adopted unanimously: all the 33 regional advisers present at the session voted in the affirmative.

Yesterday, the 5-th of July, the Regional Council of Lombardy adopted a resolution which called to lift the sanctions and recognized the right to self-determination of the Crimea as part of Russia.

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