Analyst: The new President of the United States will not be concerned about Crimea at all


Russian political scientist Andrey Okara has expressed a belief that Ukraine should be ready for new geopolitical challenges after the presidential elections in the United States.

“American politicians argue that Crimea is a matter of principle, and it is necessary to return it to Ukraine. But there are no simple answers how this resolve will change during Clinton’s or Tramp’s presidency. I’m sure that Ukraine will lose in both cases because a new Administration will seek closer contact with the Kremlin. Ukraine has good nine months left to create some kind of alternative to the approaching reality,” he said.

The expert believes that otherwise the issue of Crimea “will be forced onto the back burner” in the international context. “America will say: we remember how Stalin and Roosevelt shared the world, and now let us find a compromise, we are interested in freezing the conflict with the largest nuclear power,” explained Okara.

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