Ambassador of Ukraine tried to make Veneto deputies understand the situation in Crimea

Venice Venice

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Italy appealed with an open letter to the deputies of the Regional Council of Veneto, who plan to vote on recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

The text of the letter is quoted by the regional section of the publishers Corriere Della Sera for Veneto.

The Ambassador warned the Regional Council of Veneto from possible destruction of the policy of European solidarity, as far as the local deputies are going to make decisions based on manipulations with Crimean history.

He reminded the deputies that Russia had annexed and occupied Crimea in 2014, with the violation of the fundamental principles of international laws, and the Crimean “referendum” had not been recognized by the international community.

“Also I would like to add that if someone in Crimea truly has the right to self-determination it is the indigenous population of the Crimean peninsula — the Crimean Tatars,” wrote Ambassador Yevhen Perelygin, recalling that the occupation authorities are pursuing the policy of repressions against the Crimean Tatars and this is condemned by the EP’s resolution.

“Taking into account the interest in Crimea by some representatives of the Regional Council of Veneto, it would be desirable if your region has contributed to the process of the peaceful return of Crimea to Ukraine so that entrepreneurs from Veneto was a legitimate base for the development of business cooperation with the Ukrainian Crimea”, says the letter.

As earlier reported that the Regional Council of Veneto would consider a resolution on the recognition of Crimea part of the Russian Federation to lift the sanctions.

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