Admiral: Ukraine had enough forces to repel Russia in Crimea

Annexation of Crimea

The statements of some Ukrainian politicians that Ukraine had no combat effective units, which led to the capture of Crimea by Russia in 2014, are baseless. This opinion was given by former first Chief Deputy of the General Staff Admiral Igor Kabanenko.

“It is not true that Ukraine had almost no combat effective units in 2014. Well, how could they appear in such a short period of time? As the matter of fact such level troops training takes years, even decades. That means: the statement like “had almost no” does not stand up to criticism,” said the military expert.

“There were effective and trained troops in Crimea. For example, with 128 million UAH spent on training we succeeded to make the Ukrainian Navy battle-worthy in 2012,” said the Admiral.

“The other question is about the level of command and control of the troops as well as the correct employment of the military force in Crimea. And now the most impotent question is whether we have or have not learned from the Crimean events,” he said.

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