Activists of the Ukrainian Cultural Center have been questioned in Crimea

Four activists of the Ukrainian Cultural Center: Leonid Kuzmin, Mikhail Batrak, Galina Balaban and Alena Popova have been summoned for questioning by the Crimean Directorate of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia.

The Crimean Human Rights Group reports that the activists was told by an FSB investigator they were witnesses in the case of one of the organizers of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Crimea Veldar Shukurdzhiev against whom “a criminal charge of extremism” had been allegedly launched.

It became known that the Ukrainian activists had been psychologically abused by the FSB investigator during the interrogation. In addition to Shukurdzhiev, he was interested in other activists, namely leader of the Euromaidan-Crimea movement Andrey Shchekun and Crimean journalist Lyudmila Shchekun.

The Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Crimea was created after the Russian annexation of the peninsula. This is a public organization created to preserve the language and culture of the Ukrainians on the peninsula. The founders of the Centre do not pose any political challenge.

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