Activist: the Sevastopol separatist, who headed the police in Vinnitsa, is going to run away from Ukraine

Ukrainian police

According to the information of the activist of the “Avtomajdan” Taisa Gajda, former head of the national police in the Vinnitsa region Anton Shevtsov is going to leave Ukraine.

“Tomorrow at 5:15 a.m. Shevtsov is going to leave Kiev for Minsk. Nobody will detain him, they say: there is no reason at all,” posted Gajda in Facebook.

The activist also reported that she had sent an application to the Security Service of Ukraine on Shevtsov’s bringing to responsibility for treason against the State. “This is a test of the authorities’ ability to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty, but they have not passed it yet,” she added.

As reported, the Head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze had satisfied Shevtsov’s request of his dismissal from the post of the Head of the Department of the National Police in Vinnitsa region.

Previously, the activist of Vinnitsa “Avtomajdan” Taisa Gajda released information that Shevtsov was a native of Sevastopol; moreover, his children were still living in the occupied city. Also Gajda published quotations of Shevtsov and his wife’s posts that had a clear pro-Russian orientation in the social networks.

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