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Now you are on the English version of the “Events in Crimea” website (www.sobytiya.info) named “News from Crimea”.

The “Events in Crimea” website (www.sobytiya.info) was opened in April 2012, the year when several journalists who were tired of working on political founders had teamed up and created an independent media. It is difficult to believe for a foreign reader, for example, from the United States or Canada, but an independent media is very rare for Crimea and even Ukraine.

After the Russian annexation of Crimea the team of the “Events in Crimea” website was forced to move to the mainland Ukraine as Russia’s secret services began to persecute the journalists for their beliefs.

For more details about the persecutions, please follow the links

The English version of the website about Crimea was opened after the annexation with a view to objectively inform the foreign audience about life in the region. We believe that there are a lot of stereotypes and myths about Crimea. And those myths are created by both Russian and Ukrainian politicians and media. Our mission is to destroy those myths and propose the international community the objective information about what actually happens in Crimea, about the Crimeans and the Crimean refugees.

On the daily English version of our news feed we publish 3 or 4 own news about Crimea.

Our team

On the “News from Crimea” website we publish the news online, prepared by the team of the editors and journalists involved in the Russian version of the “Events in Crimea” project.

We do not disclose the names of those people, with a view of their security in the face of the Russian occupation of Crimea.

The following people directly administrate and fill the “News from Crimea” project with content.

Ruslan Yuhosh, Project founder

yuhoshJournalist, editor. Journalistic specialization: news, economics, human rights, corruption.

Since 1997 constantly works in the media, including 15 years in executive positions. Since April 2012 — the founder and editor of the news website “The Events in Crimea” (www.sobytiya.info).

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Christopher Kshyk, Publishing editor

christopher1Christopher Kshyk is currently a Masters student in history at York University. He graduated with a BA Honours degree in history from the University of Winnipeg in June 2015. He has multiple research interests, including European, Russian, Diplomatic, Military, Canadian Labour and Oral History.

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Valeriy Dukhnich, translator

dukhnichHe has 20 years’ experience of translation in different scopes of activity and domains including jurisprudence, technic, information technologies, communication, medicine, geography, business and management.



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