A Ukrainian activist case will be reconsidered in Crimea

The Razdolnensky Court of Crimea has started reconsidering the local resident Vladimir Balukh’s case.

The Crimean Human Rights Group reports that the new proceedings are assigned by the “Supreme Court of Crimea” order after Balukh’s appeal on the decision to impose punishment of 320 hours of community service.

Balukh was judged for an allegedly “affront intentionally offered in coarse language” to a police officer during the performance of duties. In his appeal the Crimean pointed out that the aim of the judgment was political persecution for his position and Ukrainian citizenship.

The “Supreme Court of Crimea” overturned the sentence of the Razdolnensky District Court and appointed a new trial of the criminal case in the same court, but with differently constituted bench.

The next hearing in the District Court is scheduled for May 17.

As we have informed, the enforcers turned attention to Balukh in May 2015 when the FSB officers had seen a Ukrainian flag on his house in the village of Serebranka. Soon after the flag was get off the house (according to Balukh by the same FSB officers) and the farmer was accused of stealing tractor and car spare parts.


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