A Swiss firm supplies Crimea with smuggled grain and oil


A Swiss company supplies Crimea with grain and oil through the territory of Ukraine without customs control.

It became known from the judgment of the Pechersk Court of Kyiv, set in the Unified Register of Court Decisions.

According to the investigation the Head Office of medical service on water transport audited the “Risoil Terminal” company in December 2015. The inspection found that the company had kept vegetable oil and grain in one place, which was against the rules. However, the Deputy Director of the Central Laboratory of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service whitewashed the violation for an improper advantage of 10 thousand UAH and a gift from representatives of the company.

In addition, the Deputy Director repeatedly inspected vessels with in import and export goods for Crimea in the water area of Illichivsk sea port during 2015-2016, withholding evidence of the found violations for improper advantages.

According to the investigation, “Risoil Terminal” regularly shipped sunflower oil and grain to Crimea via the Illichivsk sea port out of Ukrainian customs control.

According to the Unified State Register, the Swiss company “Risoil”, headed by Mark Jiyeron, is the beneficiary of “Risoil Terminal”.

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