A Russian presidential candidate recognizes Crimea part of Ukraine

Crimea is Ukraine

Head of the Yabloko (Apple) Russian opposition party and Russian presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky has published his electoral programme, in which he states that Crimea is Ukrainian territory.

According to the document, published on the politician’s website, Yavlinsky advocates for an immediate cessation of the aggression against Ukraine.

“Stop any form of intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine, as well as incitement and propaganda for war. Declare commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Russia’s compliance with its international commitments at the highest State level,” said the programme.

At the same time, Yavlinsky believes that the fulfilment of the commitments for Crimea “requires a special plan, time, a special status, international safeguards and an international conference”.

“However, this does not negate the fact that Crimea is the Ukrainian territory annexed in contravention of international law and treaties signed and ratified by Russia,” stressed Yavlinsky in his election programme.

Yavlinsky was nominated candidate for the Presidency of Russia at the Party Congress of Yabloko in February 2016.

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