A Russian MP is outraged that one road in Crimea costs as much as a quarter of the whole medicine

Russian State Duma member Dmitry Gudkov noted that repair of the road from Kerch to Simferopol in Crimea would cost the Russian budget more than all the RF’s expenses for physical activity and sport.

“Just think about the Russian budget when the Prime Minister says that he has pulled socks up and has found more than 100 billion rubles for the road from Kerch to Simferopol. For example, the budget for all the physical activity and sport (say Hello to the future national sport team members) was 64 billion prior to the slash,” wrote the deputy on Facebook.

Gudkov noted that the price of one road in Crimea was a significant part of the health care budget of the Russian Federation. “The health care budget is less than 400 billion. It means 161 kilometer road in Crimea cost the same as one fourth of the Russian medicine. All the Federal culture (97 billion) costs less then those three hours of travel between the two cities,” he continued.

Gudkov recalled that the bridge across the Kerch Strait would cost the Russian budget 228 billion rubles. “Add together and appreciate the generosity of the State, which has “no money”. But you hold on. And, don’t forget, by the way, that the funded pensions, according to the Finance Minister, “were spent for Crimea” in 2014,” he concluded.


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