A public activist is outraged that the military does not respond to helicopters flying into mainland from Crimea

The head of the public organization “Ukraine in NATO” Yuri Romaniuk is angry with the Ukrainian military has not cracked down on the violations of the State border by the Russian helicopter, invading Ukraine’s airspace from the annexed Crimea.

“The fact that the Ministry of Defense and air defense in particular has let the Russian combat helicopter Mi-8 calmly invade our territory seven kilometres inland from Crimea to Arabatskaya spit, and go back freely is a war crime in almost martial law state,” he posted in his blog.

In his opinion, it was not necessarily to shoot down the helicopter, but force it to land and arrest the crew with flight maps and tasks.

“It’s just a war and high treason not to use a unique chance of an worldwide effective PR campaign to make Putin exchange the crew of the helicopter for Nadezda Savchenko and another POWs,” said the activist.

Earlier the State Border Service of Ukraine reported that the Russian Mi-8 helicopter (tail number 068) had crossed the border with Kherson Oblast, flew over the area of Arabatskaya spit and the Ukrainian area of the Azov Sea, and then returned back to Crimea.

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