A potential United States Ambassador to Russia tells how to make Crimea Russian


The Crimean crisis must be resolved in the near future. This said in an interview to the Voice of America by former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s Advisor Thomas Graham, who is called the likely candidate for the post of the new United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

“I think the Crimean issue must be resolved as soon as possible. A solution acceptable to Kyiv, Moscow, Washington and the European capitals needs to be found. I think Moscow is interested in legitimizing its control over Crimea,” said the Adviser of Kissinger.

In his view, Moscow may solve the Crimean issue by paying compensation to the Ukrainian side or by holding a new referendum on the peninsula. “I would advise Moscow to creatively approach the Crimean issue, and the United States can render assistance in this. These may include compensation to the Ukrainian side or holding a new referendum, given doubts about the legitimacy of the first Russia status referendum,” offered Graham.

“Maybe this is not the first priority in the U.S.-Russian relations, but I guess it can be solved in the next 5-10 years,” he concluded.


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