A poet laughs at “the Russian Crimea recognition” by a city in Germany

Orlusha Orlusha

Russian poet Andrei Orlov, known under the pseudonym Orlusha, sarcastically ridiculed the news about Crimea recognition part of the Russian Federation by “the Parliament of German town Quakenbrück”.

On his page in Facebook Orlov noted that the news about a possible “recognition of the Russian Crimea” was massively broadcasted by a number of Russian and Ukrainian media.

“The originator of the news — Andreas Maurer, visited Crimea, is referred to as “German politician” or “left faction leader in the Parliament of Quakenbrück”. Please wake up, sirs! There is no Parliament in Quakenbrück (population: 12.8 thousand people), there was not and could not be! The Leftist faction in the Town Council consists of three (!) people, including “the leader”. The Council consists of 23 persons only, so even in reaching this tiny treatment to vote, it has no chances to be adopted,” says the poet.

Earlier media reported that Crimea had been visited by a delegation of German politicians with a member of “the left party” Andreas Maurer among them. He offered to carry over for consideration of the deputies of Quakenbrück on Crimea recognition part of Russia and lifting the anti-Russian sanctions.

Official Berlin does not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

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