A Moscow firm has set Land Rover up in Crimea

The Land Rover car brand has got into a scandal with Crimea.

The campaign “Land Rover Expedition opens Russia. Preserved Crimea” is advertised on behalf of the brand in Russia. It has already angered the Internet users who believe that with this action the company has recognized the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea by Russia.

The campaign providers promise an off-road trip on the Land Rover brand vehicles across the territory of the Crimean nature reserve. “Accommodation in the best hotels, all meals, off-road driving course from the Land Rover experienced trainers in the real world, support of local guides, flight Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow and insurance included,” said the statement.

“Land Rover has no relevance to the campaign and has recognized noting. Moreover, the company will most likely not be in the know of the events, until one starts bothering it with email messages about the matter,” said a source familiar with the matter to the “News from Crimea” website.

According to the source, the car tour is organized by the Moscow Company Avtorazum in Crimea and Land Rover is not involved in, except Avtorazum has bought from the brand a few cars to organize car tours in Russia. “Organizing this event the company just uses the Land Rover brand to create additional visibility of prestige and due to this tour runs on the bought Land Rover car fleet,” says the source.

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