A Maidan participant, convicted in Crimea, has been convoyed to Russia

Political prisoner, Ukrainian Andriy Kolomiets, convicted in Crimea, has been sent by prisoner transport to a Krasnodar prison colony in Russia.

It is reported by the Crimean Human Rights Group.

Previously the Crimean Court sentenced him to 10 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

As a reminder, resident of the Kyiv region Kolomiets, born in 1993, was accused of assault to murder of two former Berkut (a former enforcement unit of Ukraine) officers during the events on the Maidan Nezaleznosti (the Independence Square) in Kyiv.

Kolomiets was detained on the territory of Russia, and then moved to Crimea.

At the hearings, the defense team called the Court’s attention to the tortures applied to Kolomiets after his detention as well as to the facts testifying to the falsification of evidence in the case. However, the Court did not take the arguments into account.

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