A German firm wants to assemble agricultural machinery in Crimea


A German and a Russian company intend joint assembly of equipment for viticulture and wine-making enterprises. This was reported by Director General of the Russian company “Pride” Dmitry Nesterov and Jochan Kunze — Owner of the German company Viktor Kunze Baumaschien at a press conference.

“We decided that we had to help with growing grapes because this is the main perspective direction, where Crimea can enter the world market. We have many meetings directly with winegrowers. But we do not plan to open a big plant of agricultural machinery production here,” said Nesterov.

His German partner explained that it was about the so-called subcontracting that would allow producing market sought after products without huge investments and large constructions. “We find an enterprise with digital machines, and it makes one part of the product, another one company makes a different part. And all this will be assembled for a short time. This means cost reduction and reasonable prices,” concluded Kunze.

As a reminder, the annexed Crimean peninsula is under the EU sanctions.

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