A German affiliate takes part in the Kerch bridge building

Kerch bridge

The German Adler Global affiliate company Karst is one of the subcontractors of the Kerch bridge building in the annexed Crimean peninsula.

This is proved with the Kerch bridge building subcontractors list, declared by the general contractor “Stroygazmontazh”.

According to a Karst representative, the company will build the piled substructures and supports of the bridge; but, the contract scopes and sums were not announced.

Karst is 100% affiliate of the Adler Global German company, registered in Kaltenholzhausen, Germany.

According to the Paragon Advice Group partner Alexander Zakharov, the company will be enforced penalty if the German company participation in the Kerch bridge building comes the German authorities’ knowledge.

In his turn the international jurist Vsevolod Miller noted that the European Union had formally forbidden European companies to work on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, and the work from the Taman peninsula might not be regarded as a violation.

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