A fictitious volunteer from Crimea has got a real term of imprisonment in Russia


Russian investigators have separated from the case of Crimean Maxim Filatov, which is called a fighter from the volunteer battalion “Azov”, criminal proceedings against two more residents of Crimea.

This was reported by journalist Anton Naumlyuk, who was present at the trial of Filatov in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

“It is interesting that two more criminal cases on “terrorism” have been separated from the case of Filatov. They are against the Crimeans who have left the peninsula for Ukraine and claim that have never been acquainted with Filatov. Their homes were searched, and of course, they won’t be able to come back. As far as I understand this is such a regular “stream” in Crimea now,” wrote Naumlyuk in Facebook.

A day earlier the North Caucasus district military court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced on Crimean Maxim Filatov and found him guilty of an attempted act of terrorism, illicit manufacture of an explosive device and arson. Filatov is announced a fighter of the Ukrainian volunteer battalion “Azov” and is sentenced to six years of imprisonment.

In its turn, the “Azov” reported that Filatov had never been listed in the battalion.

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