A Crimean speaker-separatist’s firm is declared bankrupt in Ukraine


The Kiev Economic Court of Appeal recognized bankrupt the Consol Company, controlled by Crimean speaker-separatist Vladimir Konstantinov.

As follows from the Court’s decision, the Dnieper City Provision of Urban Amenities Enterprise filed a lawsuit to recognize the defendant bankrupt. The plaintiff applied to the Court back in 2014, but the Court denied the lawsuit then. Being disagreed with the first instance Court’s decision, the plaintiff filed an appeal and won the case.

The Consol debts of 1.1 million UAH were the reason for the lawsuit.

The creditors of the company will be able to return their money or at least part of them once the bankruptcy process is completed by the Console’s asset sales.

Note that the Console Company, participating construction projects throughout Ukraine, owed its creditors a huge amount of money. This includes creditors — ordinary citizens that bought the Console’s apartments in advance but they have been never built.

However, the bad reputation of the company as well as its ownership to current Crimean Parliament Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov through offshore companies, have not been an obstacle to work in Ukraine until today.

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