A Crimean journalist becomes accused person after interrogations

Mykola Semena Mykola Semena

The lawyer Emil Kurbedinov says that the Crimean journalist Mykola Semena, accused of separatism by the Russian authorities, has become accused person.

“Yesterday Mykola and I went for questioning. We were called by phone, but still decided to go. During the questioning, Mykola decided to take advantage of article 47 and 51and refused to give any evidence and self-incrimination. He was handed an act that he was already brought to responsibility as accused person,” said the lawyer.

As we have informed, the freelancer of the “Crimea.Realities” (the Radio Liberty regional branch) Mykola Semena is charged with “inciting to a violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”. The Russian security forces searched seven locations in Crimea and detained two more people together with Semena.

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