38 vessels were fined in Ukraine for visiting Crimea


Ukraine has prosecuted the crews of 38 vessels suspected of illegal entering the ports of the annexed Crimea.

This follows from a statement of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“The crews of 38 vessels suspected of entering the ports of the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea have been already prosecuted totaling almost 240 thousand UAH,” said the statement.

At that, the Border Guard Service does not specify when those ships visited Crimea.

It was previously reported on an investigation carried out by Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies of four criminal cases concerning illegal visits the annexed Crimea by seagoing vessels.

According to the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the NGO Maidan of Foreign Affairs, the Crimean ports were visited by 631 vessels as of August 2016. Most of them — 352 were vessels under the Russian flag or with the Russian registration. Total 97 ships with the Ukrainian registration and flag and 28 under the flags of EU countries entered Crimea.

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