20 Crimean Tatars detained by Russian security officials in Crimea

This morning, the 21-th of February, Russian security officials have detained two dozen locals from among Crimean Tatars in the neighborhood of Kamenka in Simferopol (Crimea).

“According to preliminary information Osman Arifm, Remzi Bekirov, Ruslan Suleymanov, Riza Izetov, Alim Karimov, Walid Abu Farid and Seyran Murtazaev are the among detainees. The list is under constant modification,” said a statement published on the “Crimean political prisoners” page in Facebook.

According to the information of lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, the total number of the detained people is 20.

“Predictions on strengthening repressions against civilian activists find their every day convincing confirmation! The number of today’s detainees has already reached 20 people,” said Kurbedinov.

In turn, Russian security forces do not comment on the “activities” in Kamenka.

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